Sunday, July 5, 2009

Uncle Joe's and FiReWoRkS!!

Every year for as long as I can remember (and even longer), my Uncle Joe has had a 4th of July get together at his house in Highland. They have MANY acres of land with horses, volleyball, horseshoes, Bocce ball, food, great company, and of course, a water fight!!! Here are a few pics:

Lilly with her Great-Great Aunt Della

Aunt Della is 99 years-young! She will be 100 in October!

Great-Great Aunt Marielle

Aunt Carol

Just chillin'! Her new favorite thing is chewing on her finger! I think she may be getting another tooth!!!

Great Aunt Sherri Lu (my mom's sister)

Grandma Candie

Cousin Kelcie
Later that night, we headed back up to Kaysville for the FiReWoRks! Lilly REALLY liked the fireworks. She sat and stared at them the whole time until she fell asleep! Who knew loud booms would put a baby to sleep!
Here she is staring at the fireworks

Family pic in the dark!

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!


Keri and Jon said...

She is so cute! She alreayd has a tooth? WOW my girl is slow. She is 13 months and only has 2 and half teeth. Lilly is getting so big! We need to get together soon!

t foust said...

Cute!! I told Carter that Lilly is going to help teach him how to "hang out" without screaming :-) We'll see how that goes!