Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mrs. F

So I have to tell you a funny story of sorts. Last Wednesday was the first day of Parent/Teacher Conferences. I wanted to look nice, but don't have a whole lot that fits me right now. So I wore the only prego skirt I have. I tried on 10 different shirts that made me look like a blob, and finally decided on one despite the "frumpiness". It was one of those days where I was really feeling crappy about the way I looked and did not feel like facing 15 parents. Oh well. Life will go on. I headed to school, had a normal day, then after school had gotten out, Jaclyn and I were in the office talking to Terry. Another co-worker, who shall remain unnamed, walked into the office. Here is our convo:
Unnamed: I didn't know you were pregnant until today!
Me: Yup, I sure am!
U: When are you due?
M: March
U: Ya, I was thinking, "Hmmm, that girl sure dresses frumpy!"
M: Blank stare of disgust, ya well, I'm pregnant. (Turn away.)
Unnamed walks out. I turned to Jaclyn and Terry and asked, "Did you just hear that?!"
Lucky for the unnamed I am able to handle things with humor and laugh it off! It is now the joke of the school and I am known as Mrs. F for frumpy, not Foust!!

Seriously, what in the world was she thinking? Any normal woman knows that you do not say that to a woman, especially a pregnant woman!!!! What woman feels great about her body becoming distorted and fat? Just rub in the way I have to dress to be comfortable!!!

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving! I love this holiday!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Protecting my family

I have decided to make my blog private. I have been meaning to do this for a while, but am just getting around to it. My friend Nat changed hers and reminded me of doing it!! I don't want just anybody to be able to access my info, especially with a baby coming!! If you want an invite, post your e-mail in a comment or e-mail me your e-mail address at Thanks!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What's in a name?!

Ok, so for those of you who don't know, we have decided on a name! We actually decided a while ago. We could not agree for a while, so I thought we would be one of those couples in the hospital still trying to agree! But I was wrong! Anyway, our baby's name will be Lilly Belle Foust (someone asked me the other day what her last name was, thought I'd specify!) Anyway, so before we went to Disneyland, I told my sister and she informed me that was the name of Walt Disney's wife! Who knew?! Walt Disney had a special boxcar made called the "Lilly Belle". This boxcar is only used for very special people. We thought since this was the year of "One Million Dreams", that we would just ask if we could see it. We asked the conductor of the train if we could just take a look at the boxcar and explained why. She said of course!!!! She even let us go inside! She told us if we came back later we could go for a ride in it, but there was a chance of rain and they had to put the boxcar away! :( Anyway, here are some dorky pictures of me with the train! We joked that we looked like Mormon moms with our levi capris, socks, and tennis shoes!! Oh well, I guess if the shoe fits...

Saturday, November 15, 2008


This is a little late, but we had a great time in Cali, and I just wanted to post a little about it. I went with my sister, Andrea, and my cousin, Emmie. We stayed with our Aunt Debbie and Uncle Mike. Thanks to all for a FABULOUS time!

Disneyland is all decorated for Halloween. The Haunted Mansion was done in the Nightmare Before Christmas. It is amazing to see what they were able to do! Disneyland is truly a magical place!! This was the perfect time to go. We barely had to wait in any lines! It was great! When we went back to the hotel after our first day at Disney, each of our favorite Disney characters left a letter on our beds with several treasures! I am going to post the itinerary that my aunt had for us on our beds (along with an awesome bag filled with treasures!), so the post won't be so long and boring. It will be summed up for you.





Wednesday, 10/2

♥Pickup girls at Long Beach Airport
Delta #3791 (Operated by Sky West Airlines)
Depart Salt Lake City: 9:35 a.m.
Arrive Long Beach: 10:35 a.m.
♥Check-in at Clarion Hotel616 Conventional Way, Anaheim, CA
♥Disneyland with Aunt Debbie

Thursday, 10/3

♥Girls at Disneyland
♥8:30 p.m. – Uncle Mike to pickup girls at Clarion Hotel

Friday, 10/31

♥Lunch at Johnny Rockets
♥Shopping in Laguna
♥Halloween Spooktacular Dinner

Saturday, 11/1

♥11:30 a.m. - Lunch at Javier’s Cantina with Marianne
♥Movie Day
♥Halibut Dinner by Chef Miguel

Sunday, 11/2

♥Lunch at In & Out Burger
♥Pizza, Salad, and a Movie at Home

Monday, 11/3

♥8:00 a.m. – Leave for Disneyland in Big Red
♥Girls at Disneyland

Tuesday, 11/4

♥Lunch at Laguna Beach CafĂ©
♥More Shopping
♥Dinner at Crab Cooker

Wednesday, 11/5

♥Farewell to Our Lovable Nieces – We Miss You Already!
♥11:30 a.m. - Lunch with Uncle Mike at California Pizza
♥1:00 p.m. - Leave for Long Beach Airport
Delta #4780 (Operated by Sky West Airlines)
Depart Long Beach: 3:40 p.m.
Arrive Salt Lake City: 6:28 p.m

I will post some slide shows of the trip, so you can look at the pictures at your own viewing pleasure! The first slide show is pictures from Disneyland. We saw Seal and Heidi Klum there! He was really nice, she was very grumpy!

The next slide show is sunsets and our "Spooktacular" Dinner.