Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mrs. F

So I have to tell you a funny story of sorts. Last Wednesday was the first day of Parent/Teacher Conferences. I wanted to look nice, but don't have a whole lot that fits me right now. So I wore the only prego skirt I have. I tried on 10 different shirts that made me look like a blob, and finally decided on one despite the "frumpiness". It was one of those days where I was really feeling crappy about the way I looked and did not feel like facing 15 parents. Oh well. Life will go on. I headed to school, had a normal day, then after school had gotten out, Jaclyn and I were in the office talking to Terry. Another co-worker, who shall remain unnamed, walked into the office. Here is our convo:
Unnamed: I didn't know you were pregnant until today!
Me: Yup, I sure am!
U: When are you due?
M: March
U: Ya, I was thinking, "Hmmm, that girl sure dresses frumpy!"
M: Blank stare of disgust, ya well, I'm pregnant. (Turn away.)
Unnamed walks out. I turned to Jaclyn and Terry and asked, "Did you just hear that?!"
Lucky for the unnamed I am able to handle things with humor and laugh it off! It is now the joke of the school and I am known as Mrs. F for frumpy, not Foust!!

Seriously, what in the world was she thinking? Any normal woman knows that you do not say that to a woman, especially a pregnant woman!!!! What woman feels great about her body becoming distorted and fat? Just rub in the way I have to dress to be comfortable!!!

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving! I love this holiday!


Sarah said...

Holy COW!!! I cannot believe someone would say that to you. Especially because there is simply no way I can believe you looked frumpy, even when you are pregnant...just not possible! You always look gorgeous. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

Lisa F said...

That is rude - I had people say about the same about me. You're in the weird part where you're not big enough for all maternity clothes, but not small enough for your clothes - it SUCKS!

Have a great Thanksgiving and eat some extra PIE!

Lindsay said...

Go buy yourself some new clothes. You deserve it!!!! That's what I did when I was prego with Eli. My favorite places were Gap and Kohls. Believe me, it is worth it!!!

Amanda said...

People's manners fly right out the window when they come around pregnant people. My neighbor told me that she wasn't shocked that I had a bigger baby because in her words "I was good sized as well!" I didn't punch her though. Don't worry-this fumpiness stage will pass!
ps=here is my email address

Natty said...

Annoying Co-Workers.... Gotta love em!

Brandon and Jaclyn Tapia said...

I really love it! and yes everyone it really happened I witnessed it all! At least she didn't say have you gained a rediculous (sp) amount of weight ha ha. you have got to love those women

Justin and Amy said...

Oh Melissa I feel for you! I totally remember those days! It seemed like the days you felt the crappiest were the days people decided to tell you that you are looking pregnant. Not quite a compliment. Your story made me laugh though. Oh I remember the good ole days of feeling that way. A bit of advice though... enjoy it while you have an excuse- after the baby comes... the excuse is gone:) I miss you guys! Hope everything is going well.

Deb said...

Ohhhh, I'll come slap her if you want me to!

I'm sure you look fabulous!