Sunday, July 27, 2008


Ok, ok, I will let you all in on the details (few that I know)! We just found out 2 weeks ago that I am pregnant! We couldn't wait to tell everyone, so we only kept it in for about 1 week!! I am 8 weeks along and the tentative due date is March 7. I actually have not gone to the doctor yet. I will next week. One of our bedrooms upstairs that has remained empty, because we were going to knock down the wall and create a master suite, is painted purple and has a princess light switch on it. So needless to say, we need to have a girl!!! I am a little nervous, but mostly excited! I have spent many hours shopping online for baby furniture (haven't bought anything, just getting ideas!!) I have felt nauseated, am very tired, can't sleep at night, and have very sore joints! Other than that, things are great!! I will post more details as they come!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Sorry it's been so long! I am finally back! Since it has been so long, this is going to be a rather long post! As most of you know, we bought a house in Bountiful, so here are the pictures of the house. There are a lot, so bare with me! It will be worth it to look all the way to the bottom of the post! Enjoy! Oh, sorry about the darkness of some of the pictures!

Here 's the front of the house. We live on a very nice, quiet street.Family Room
Dining RoomBalcony
Upstairs Bathroom
Office Extra room
Our bedroom

Our bathroom
Downstairs living room The ping-pong table will go here along with a game table
Trevor's "Dog House"
Trevor's gun cabinet that he refinished and is in his "dog house"
My craft room
Downstairs bathroom

Weight room, there is also a laundry/storage room, but I did not find it necessary to post a picture of that! The dogs love their new house and yard!