Sunday, February 13, 2011

Totally Awesome 80's

Yes, I am playing catch up again! My totally awesome husband turned 30 on January 16th! He is not one who likes a fuss made over him, so I did what I could without making him upset! I decided since he was born in the 80's, it would be fun to have an 80's themed party! I had so many radical ideas, but given the crowd, I kept it to a minimum!!! Trevor has 2 other friends in the group that he has known since Joy School with January birthdays. We have always used it as an excuse to get together! Well, one of those friends wasn't in attendance this year, so it was just Trevor and Ryan. I called Ryan's wife, Kristyn and told her my crazy idea and she jumped right on board!!! Here is our night in pictures!

Here's the invite. Blogger uploaded it weird. It looked better than this!

First attempt at fondant. Didn't quite turn out how we had planned, but it worked!

Kayla and Eric

The Gnarly Fousts

We even busted out the Atari! It didn't last long though. It's a little old and didn't work very well!

The kids wondering what in the world this is!!!

Awesome graphics!

The girls minus Kaylee

Notice Ryan's "Acid wash" jeans! LOL!

Happy birthday, babe! I hope you had a great 30th! Thanks to everyone who came! We had a great time! It was fun to flashback to the 80's! Why did we ever think crimping and mullets looked good???

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This post is long over due, like the last few posts I've done! The problem with this one is I changed the format that my camera takes pictures and the format is not compatible with Blogger!!! So I knew I could upload my pics to Photoshop and change the format there. Sounds great in theory, but it wasn't! It kept giving me problem after problem. I finally figured out I had to upload them 10 pics at a time. When you have 200 pictures, that's a LONG time!!! Then I had to export them and resave them 10 at a time! Long story, long, here are the pictures from our getaway to Mesquite!!!

Now that that's over with, here are A LOT of pictures! Don't worry, not 200, but quite a bit for a blog! So read and look at what you want! Trevor's brother, Trent and his family live in California. Their son Carter is 3 months younger than Lilly and they LOVE to play together. We have been trying to plan a little getaway together for a while, and finally planned it for Jan. 14-17. Which happened to be Trevor's 30th birthday! We had sooooo much fun! We wish we could do this every month! We had adjoining rooms and every morning Carter would knock on the door and Lilly would yell, "Carter". It was so cute, they just couldn't wait to play together. On to the pics.

We arrived to the hotel and had a little fun with this cool tunnel that Carter brought. I'm not sure who had more fun, the kids or the dads!!!
Then we set out to find a park. (We were taking advantage of the 60 degree weather!!!)

After a hard day at the park we went to dinner!!!!! There are 5 exclamations because it was quite the adventure with these 2 sitting together in a booth!
Usually when we get together Trevor and Trent head out and do fun things together. Tiona and I decided we were going to go out and take a break and relax! We drove around trying to find a place to get a pedi. Apparently the town closes at 6 (except the casinos!). We FINALLY found a place that stayed open until 7 (it was 6:45). It was so nice and relaxing! (Good thing I shaved the day before :P)

The buckets on the head game was one of the favorite games of the weekend!

The hotel had a bowling alley, so we decided to go bowling. Here is Lilly with her daddy.
This was Carter's first time bowling, so Lilly, the expert, was coaching him.

The daddy's with the kids. Oh how cute!

This was another favorite game! Trying to escape!!! These 2 could get into some serious trouble if we let them...

After bowling, we decided to get a pizza and some brewskies (IBC Cream Soda). The kids were eating together, or Lilly was eating while Carter watched!

We always have to have a cousin bath. They had fun drawing on each other with some body paints. (Thanks Aunt Jaclyn)

My Aunt Rosie has a condo in Mesquite that she lives in during the winter. We made sure to pay her a visit.

Lilly with Aunt Rosie. (She is 84 years old)

This is Aunt Rosie's mom, Grandma Mancuso. (She is 106!!!!!)
Aunt Rosie and Little Grandma are too funny! They go to a casino almost every night to gamble!!! One night while we were waiting in line to eat dinner, in walks Aunt Rosie pushing Little Grandma in her wheelchair! It was quite the funny sight!

Carter put on his dad's glasses and he thought he was the cat's pajamas!

Lilly hanging out with Uncle Trent.

Tiona stayed behind to "take a nap". She was really decorating our room for Trevor's birthday! She did such a cute job! Thanks, Tiona!

The birthday boy opening his presents and the kids enjoying the balloons!

Trent pulled the lamp shade off! Oops!

Lilly playing in the tunnel again. Isn't she adorable?!

The kids watching a movie together. This lasted about 5 minutes!!!

Naked baby hugs!

Naked baby coloring!

A close up. I love when she lays on her tummy to color.
We also went swimming at the Rec Center and later on the boys went and played a few sports there. Thanks Trent, Tiona, and Carter! We had a blast and we miss you!!!!!!!!

If you made it this far, THE END!!!!