Sunday, February 13, 2011

Totally Awesome 80's

Yes, I am playing catch up again! My totally awesome husband turned 30 on January 16th! He is not one who likes a fuss made over him, so I did what I could without making him upset! I decided since he was born in the 80's, it would be fun to have an 80's themed party! I had so many radical ideas, but given the crowd, I kept it to a minimum!!! Trevor has 2 other friends in the group that he has known since Joy School with January birthdays. We have always used it as an excuse to get together! Well, one of those friends wasn't in attendance this year, so it was just Trevor and Ryan. I called Ryan's wife, Kristyn and told her my crazy idea and she jumped right on board!!! Here is our night in pictures!

Here's the invite. Blogger uploaded it weird. It looked better than this!

First attempt at fondant. Didn't quite turn out how we had planned, but it worked!

Kayla and Eric

The Gnarly Fousts

We even busted out the Atari! It didn't last long though. It's a little old and didn't work very well!

The kids wondering what in the world this is!!!

Awesome graphics!

The girls minus Kaylee

Notice Ryan's "Acid wash" jeans! LOL!

Happy birthday, babe! I hope you had a great 30th! Thanks to everyone who came! We had a great time! It was fun to flashback to the 80's! Why did we ever think crimping and mullets looked good???


Amanda said...

Looks like you throw great parties! And you always have great costumes to go along with them.

t foust said...

So glad you posted this!! Yes, the pictures are still HILARIOUS - they never get old. You sure throw some great parties!!

Kayla and Eric said...

We had a ton of fun and the food was great. Thanks Melissa and Kristen! Good times!

AshlieM said...

It was so much fun and so fun seeing you guys. We need to more often! I look hideous in that picture!

Neeleyfam said...

Love it! What an awesome idea for a party, and the cake turned out great!