Sunday, October 26, 2008


Since my class is off -track for Halloween, we had a Halloween party for the kids the day we went off-track. It was a lot of fun. We all dressed up, played games, made a fun craft, and ate cookies. I can't post pictures of my students, but here is picture of Jaclyn (another 1st grade teacher & my best friend) and me. My kids were a little freaked out at my costume!! I was just letting my true colors come out!!

Saturday night we went to a friend's Halloween party. Trevor and I dressed up as Frankenstein and Frankenstein's Bride. My mom came over and helped me get ready, thanks mom, I couldn't have done it without you! Trevor was being a party pooper and wouldn't let us do his make up, so he did his own. I did his hair, which turned out well for a freshly shaved head!! We won the contest for the Scariest costume!! Go us! For some reason I have always wanted to dress up like this, so on Wednesday my mom and I went shopping ALL day to get stuff for my costume! (We got stuff for her costume, too, but that was the easy part!) Thanks again, mom, for helping my costume dream come true!!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


This week I have accepted a few things. I have accepted a new calling in my church. I am the Relief Society Publicist! Which basically means that when we have Enrichment activities (activities every so often for the women in our ward), I get to make signs, fliers, announcements, etc. I can't say I'm totally excited, but I know I need to be!!

I've accepted that my due date has been changed to March 14th! The ultrasound tech said it would be changed, but I really did not like her, therefore did not want to listen to her! I had my doctor's appt. on Friday and he confirmed it! Ok, ok, fine!

The other thing I have accepted is that we have had our first Bountiful snow!!! We woke up this morning to 6-7 inches of snow!!! Where did Fall go? I did not even get to enjoy the beautiful Fall leaves. I hope the snow melts and we will be able to see a little bit of the leaves! I guess we don't have to rake the leaves!! Here is a picture of the lovely snow (I really do think freshly fallen snow is beautiful, just not for a few more weeks...). This picture was taken in the afternoon, so some of the snow has melted.

Have a good week! It is a 3 day week for me and I go off track for 3 1/2 weeks and got to Cali for 1 week! I guess I can accept that as well...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I guess SUGGESTIONS would be a better word for it!!! So I have been shopping around for baby stuff and have several questions. I figured I would make a post and ask what others recommend. I want to know what you would strongly recommend I get, what you can't live without, and even what I should not waste my time getting. Also, if there are any particular brands you have found that are not worth the money, or that I should definitely look into. Thanks! I appreciate the help!

Friday, October 3, 2008

It's a....

Girl!! I had my ultrasound yesterday and it was soooo neat! It was so amazing to see the baby move! We saw the legs moving and the arms too! The lady kept trying to get a picture of the face and the baby kept putting her hand in front of her face! I guess she is camera shy like her mom!! We have 10 pictures and I will post them all! Sorry! The lady was not able to get a profile picture of the baby! Oh well! Bring on the pink and let the shopping begin!!!!