Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I guess SUGGESTIONS would be a better word for it!!! So I have been shopping around for baby stuff and have several questions. I figured I would make a post and ask what others recommend. I want to know what you would strongly recommend I get, what you can't live without, and even what I should not waste my time getting. Also, if there are any particular brands you have found that are not worth the money, or that I should definitely look into. Thanks! I appreciate the help!


Amanda said...

Mel-So I started to write my "advice" and it was getting so long I decided to email it to you instead. I couldn't seem to stop typing and I thought it would be embarrassing if I took up pages of your blog.....

Lisa F said...

Definitely diapers/wipes, A nose sucker (I think they are actually nose aspirators), a few clothes (you will get tons)

Oh - don't buy any blankets - you will get TONS from family (I know.... we have close to 50 from baby showers)

I didn't buy a special diaper can/pail. I figured plastic bags in the trash can work fine for me. And I didn't want to clean the diaper pail once nasty diapers had been in there!

We didn't get a special changing table either - they start to roll too quick!

Monica said...

Babies are so fun! there is so much that you need but I found that I would not do without a Infant Swing I loved mine with each child they are in my opinion the one best one thing to buy. I would have to agree with Lisa diaper pails are not worth buying. I could never understand who keeps smelly diapers in the baby’s room!

twede said...

I love my Boppy Pillow. It is so great to nurse, sit baby in so she is proped up a little, and to give tummy time. If you get one, make sure it has a removable cover, if not buy a slip cover to wash off all the baby spit up.

I love the swing as well. I like the small portable ones, so I can move it to room to room with me. It's great to put in the bathroom , so I can take a quick shower.

Both my baby's loved a playmat. They both would lay there forever and play with and look at the toys. Get one with toys that can be taken off and interchanged. So it can be a new toy, everytime:)

Good luck! Still waiting for a Prego picture!

Natty said...

JJ Cole changing pad! Who knows what are on the changing tables in public restrooms? :( Also if you breast feed a "Hooter Hider" is a must. (I make them, get me your address and I'll send you one) And if you buy pj's don't buy the ones with snaps, zippers are the way to go.

stames_wiltz said...

From my experience which is still pretty fresh,
1. Playtex Vent Aire Advanced bottles for feeding.

2. Huggies Diapers, not anything else, huggies are best.

3. Thin Stretch burp clothes, the home made ones dont soak up as well.

4. Do a flat dresser and then just do a changing pad to put on top. You have seen ours. The last thing you want is an actual Table that is useless later on.

5. Rocking chair

6. STRETCHY swaddle blankets. Make sure they stretch so you can swaddle them Tight.

7. Diaper Champ, THE BEST, there is no stink and it fits universal bags unlike the diaper genie. Honestly, do you want to go throw away a diaper outside at 3 a.m. in January???

8. Get plenty of rest now, because you won't when she comes

9. If you find yourself getting upset, which you will, let the spouse help out.

10. We like our fisher price bath that looks like it comes from the sea. It is a blue with little fish on it. Fits in the sink nice to bath her in and is adjustable as they grow older.

11. Get a car seat with an easy to change base. Preferred is like our Chicco, but it is also the more expensive one. If you want help, we would love to show you. It is a Stroller/car seat combo.

12. Thats if for now

The Steele family said...

The swings are the best.Kali loved hers. and you can never have enough diapers. I agree with lisa you really don't need a special diaper can or pail plastic bags work great.

Sarah said...

My experience is new, but here goes...

I agree...a diaper pail is not necessary. I really thought we would need one, so we bought a Diaper Genie, and after a few weeks of using it we switched to plain old plastic bags. It's so much easier.

Play-mats are great. Johnathan LOVED his, and it was so nice when he was younger to be able to put him down somewhere he liked to play and look at his toys. We got the Baby Einstein play-mat from a shower, and it has been awesome. Now we have a Baby Einstein bouncer for Johnny and it is great because all the toys are interchangeable and can be taken off and switched from the play-mat to the bouncer. Both of these have been a lifesaver!!!

I agree with getting stretchy blankets you can swaddle with, that has helped a ton with sleeping.

And a Boppy is great, too.