Friday, December 18, 2009


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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Italian Cookie Day

I am fortunate enough to have a wonderful, large Italian family. If you have ever seen the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, that is my family, only Italian instead of Greek! It is a Christmas tradition to make some Italian cookies every year. My 100-year-old aunt has done this every year. I have helped out once before about 7 years ago. There are many others in my family that make these cookies. Last week I received a call around 8:30 pm asking if I wanted to help make cookies the following day! I was SO excited! I had a list of things to do, but quickly dropped the list and headed down to help out! My great-aunt Della was there, her daughter Patti, and cousin Carol Jean. Carol Jean's son John and wife Shannon also came over. Carol just redid her entire upstairs, and has an AMAZING kitchen! They have one of those island counters that is 9-feet long and topped with marble! It was so great to be able to use that to make the cookies! I was there for 6 hours, and we still were not finished! I had a previous commitment and had to leave early! We had a really great time visiting and helping each other out! My Aunt Della was cracking jokes the whole time! She kept saying that because she was in the triple digits now, she could take it easy and work slow! (She did neither of those things!) Anyway, here are a couple of pictures:

Anna-Sophia and Lilly
Anna-Sophia kneading some dough, Shannon entertaining Lilly while I worked!

Aunt Della working hard:
Aunt Della and Patti working together, kneading the dough:

Monday, December 7, 2009

Festival of Trees

We went to the Festival of Trees on Friday. It was SOOOO crowded! We went with our friends, Benj, Ashlie, and Ty. We had a great time. We weren't able to see very many trees, but what we did see was FABULOUS! They also have a bunch of AMAZING gingerbread houses. We ended with visiting Santa.

Here is Lilly all ready to go:

Lilly and Daddy:

Our little family:

Lilly LOVES shoulder rides! Something about being so big makes her HAPPY!

Ty and Lilly sharing shoulder rides with their dads:

This was a HUGE train made out of gingerbread! Can you say AMAZING?!

Lilly seeing Santa:

Lilly LOVES Santa! She turned and smiled at us, then went back to staring at him!

Santa's new ride:

Ty and Lilly chillin' in their strollers with their binkies:

Without the binkies. These two love each other! They have so much fun together.

Ty even shared his beloved Elmo! He doesn't go anywhere without Elmo and Cookie Monster. How kind of him to share!
We had a great time, but next year we will go during the day on a weekday to avoid the masses!

Ugly Sweater Party

We decided to have a little Christmas party with a few of our friends. This group of guys have known each other since elementary school! The night before, we decided to make it an ugly sweater party! Not everyone participated due to the lack of time. We had a yummy ham dinner, did white elephant gifts, and made graham cracker houses. There were 6 little kids there 3-years-old and younger!!! The kids had a lot of fun running, screaming, and playing together! The pictures of the kids I borrowed from Ashlie's blog! Hope she doesn't mind! :)

Lilly and Trevor in their ugly sweaters:

The ugly sweater family:

The whole gang:

The White Elephant presents:

My first present! An authentic Russian hat, beans, and beano! I was so excited for this hat, but Josh so rudely stole it from me! I got another present, and once again, Josh stole that from me! (I think I must have done something to make him mad...)

The three big kids!
Hunter was the 6th kid, but he already went home when we took the pictures! Lilly would not pose for a picture! She was SO tired at this point!

Decorating the houses:

The finished houses: