Monday, December 7, 2009

Ugly Sweater Party

We decided to have a little Christmas party with a few of our friends. This group of guys have known each other since elementary school! The night before, we decided to make it an ugly sweater party! Not everyone participated due to the lack of time. We had a yummy ham dinner, did white elephant gifts, and made graham cracker houses. There were 6 little kids there 3-years-old and younger!!! The kids had a lot of fun running, screaming, and playing together! The pictures of the kids I borrowed from Ashlie's blog! Hope she doesn't mind! :)

Lilly and Trevor in their ugly sweaters:

The ugly sweater family:

The whole gang:

The White Elephant presents:

My first present! An authentic Russian hat, beans, and beano! I was so excited for this hat, but Josh so rudely stole it from me! I got another present, and once again, Josh stole that from me! (I think I must have done something to make him mad...)

The three big kids!
Hunter was the 6th kid, but he already went home when we took the pictures! Lilly would not pose for a picture! She was SO tired at this point!

Decorating the houses:

The finished houses:


AshlieM said...

I don't mind. You can borrow pictures anytime! It was fun! Thanks again for hosting and making everything that I supposed to make. I promise next year I will do all my jobs!

Amanda said...

Is Trevor's sweater a woman's sweater by chance? You should use that picture as your family christmas picture!

Foust Family said...

How'd you guess, Amanda?! Gotta love the DI!

t foust said...

Looks like a ton of fun! Trevor's sweater is hilarious, ha ha ha.

Deb said...

Lovin' Trevor's sweater. :) You, of course, rock yours. You guys are so dang cute! Looks like lots of fun!