Friday, December 18, 2009


Can someone please remind me how to get the picture in the header to fit? Do you edit the html? It's been so long since I have done that, and I can't remember! I don't really want to waste the time figuring it out!



Monica said...

sorry I can't help you (Chris does it for me because i am a slacker) .. but cute picture for your header!!

Deb said...

Yeah. I don't know. :)

Love the picture though - Lily is so dang cute!

Merry Christmas, guys!

Natty said...

Ha ha I don't know either :( Maybe if you figure it out again you can do a post on how to do it :)

Natty said...

Sorry if my comment sounded snotty I just thought it was funny that there were two comments before mine that said they didn't know how to do it, cuz I clicked on your comments excited to learn how to do it myself.