Monday, January 4, 2010

Oh the places she'll go...

Now that Lilly is crawling, she goes to A LOT of places and gets into things I never even thought of! I love this new stage! It's so fun to watch her learn and grow every day! Here are just a few pictures of her favorite places.

The dishwasher

Under the computer (of course she is willingly getting out when I am trying to take a pic!)

The shower. She loves to get in it when the water is running or when it's not!

This isn't a place she'll go, it's a place she would rather not go! I thought the picture was cute! She always stands up and cries to get out of her crib as if she is in jail!


t foust said...

I love the picture of Lilly exploring the dishwasher!! I hope she is feeling better!

Shanna said...

I agree with Tiona! I love the babies in dishwasher pictures!

Jaclyn and Brandon Tapia said...

I want to come up and be with you two all day long! I quit! miss you guys and hope to see you soon! Cute pictures I too love the dishwasher picture.