Wednesday, January 6, 2010


On the 29th of December Trevor and his brother's were playing basketball. Trevor took a spill and caught himself with his hand, breaking the radial head in his elbow! OUCH! He went to the Dr. that day, they put his arm in a sling and referred him to a specialist. The next day they had a big basketball game planned with all of Trevor's buddies. He insisted he was fine! (Whatever!) He played one-armed and still scored 8 points! (P.S. He broke his right arm and he is right-handed!) Later that day we went to the specialist and he immediately told Trevor he needed surgery because his bone was shattered! He said once he got in there, he would look at the bone to see if he could piece it back together or if he would have to do a radial head replacement. Your own bone is, of course, the best option, but he would do what was best.

Yesterday (Tuesday the 5th) Trevor had his surgery. Everything went really well. The Dr. was great, the anesthesiologist, and the nurses were great as well. The Dr. told us the bone was broken into 16 pieces so he did the replacement. Before we knew it, the surgery was over and he was in recovery. The recovery took a while as Trevor was in A LOT of pain! After the pain meds FINALLY kicked in, we were able to come home! He has a splint on his arm and is still wearing a sling.

Next Friday we will go to the Dr. to get the splint removed. He will then put on a brace and start Trevor on physical therapy! The recovery should only be about 6 weeks! He is doing well. It was a little uncomfortable for him to sleep last night. The biggest problem is that he has had the hiccups almost all day today!!! He took Loritab yesterday, but today is only taking Ibuprofen, so the pain is not much if any, which is a good thing! Hopefully things continue to go this well!

Trevor's dad watched Lilly during the surgery and his mom came with to keep me company. When we got home, my parents were there waiting with dinner! Yummy! Thank you to both of our parents for their generosity! We really appreciate it. Today we received a basket full of sugar cookies from Trevor's brother, Trent and his wife, Tiona! Thank you for the yummy cookies! Trevor would not let me take any pictures, so the only picture for this post is of the delicious cookie basket! (Sorry, Trent, they would not take pictures during the surgery!)


t foust said...

I'm glad to hear the paid is not as bad - and I'm also glad you got the cookies!! Those cookies are addicting so watch out! Wishing Trevor a speedy recovery!

Kayla and Eric said...

what a week! We are so glad to hear everything went according to plan with the surgery. Give Trever our best wishes. Also you take it easy and we will be here if you need anything.

Shanna said...

I'm glad the surgery went well, and that Trevor is doing good. If you need anything at all let me know!!

Ben and Carrie said...

When it rains it pours.... wow, hope you all are on the mend soon. Surgery is no fun, and neither is a sinus infection for little Lilly bug. She is too young to be feeling that crummy!

Hope Trev recovers quickly from his surgery and that he is draining the 3 pointers again soon. I do have to say that I had to laugh when you wrote that he played basketball one armed... that is sooo Trevor. And even funnier that he scored 8 points.... reminds me of all of our basketball games at USU. He was never one armed there, but the matchups between he and the I-man were priceless...... Now instead of Trev yelling, "There goes the ankle, it'll swell up like a softball" he can yell, "There goes the elbow!"

Sarah said...

Wow, I am glad the surgery went so well and Trevor is on the mend. What a crazy thing to happen!

Neeleyfam said...

Poor Trevor! I am happy the surgery went well, and hopefully he can be back to playing Basketball (with both hands) in no time!