Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snow Day

My mom bought Lilly this cute snow outfit. She has used the outfit for warmth, but has never gone in the snow with it! When Trevor's brother Trent and his wife Tiona were here, we took our kids in the snow.

If you've every seen the movie A Christmas Story you know the character, Randy. You know the part when his mom bundles him up for school and he can't put his arms down? That is what Lilly reminds me of! Although she can move, she doesn't!

Here are Carter and Lilly posing together. Carter was a wiggle worm in his outfit, and Lilly wouldn't move a muscle!

Why do you guys like to torture me???

Family in the snow

Lilly's first sledding experience! She couldn't/wouldn't hold on, so that didn't go very well!

Lilly and mommy
She didn't really know what to think of the snow, but I had fun! I tried to get her to eat the snow, but she wouldn't! (It wasn't even yellow! It was freshly fallen snow!!!)


t foust said...

Pretty soon Lilly will be playing in the snow so much she won't want to come in!! These babies need to stop growing up!

AshlieM said...

So funny!! I have some of Ty like that! It's hilarious! She's so cute!

Amanda said...

If she really doesn't move in it, maybe I should borrow it for Carter for church! I'd love to have him be still even for 5 minutes

Monica said...

That is so funny! what cuties

Franco Fab Five said...

I LOVE it! It really reminds me of "A Christmas Story" and I love that movie. She is a total doll.

Deb said...

Love her Nike swoosh hat! :)

Neeleyfam said...

I love that she just laid there, so cute!

Kayla and Eric said...

She looks so warm