Monday, December 7, 2009

Festival of Trees

We went to the Festival of Trees on Friday. It was SOOOO crowded! We went with our friends, Benj, Ashlie, and Ty. We had a great time. We weren't able to see very many trees, but what we did see was FABULOUS! They also have a bunch of AMAZING gingerbread houses. We ended with visiting Santa.

Here is Lilly all ready to go:

Lilly and Daddy:

Our little family:

Lilly LOVES shoulder rides! Something about being so big makes her HAPPY!

Ty and Lilly sharing shoulder rides with their dads:

This was a HUGE train made out of gingerbread! Can you say AMAZING?!

Lilly seeing Santa:

Lilly LOVES Santa! She turned and smiled at us, then went back to staring at him!

Santa's new ride:

Ty and Lilly chillin' in their strollers with their binkies:

Without the binkies. These two love each other! They have so much fun together.

Ty even shared his beloved Elmo! He doesn't go anywhere without Elmo and Cookie Monster. How kind of him to share!
We had a great time, but next year we will go during the day on a weekday to avoid the masses!


AshlieM said...

Lilly and Ty are so cute together! I can't believe how good she was with Santa!

t foust said...

I love that Lilly likes Santa!! We'll see how Carter like Santa this weekend :-)

Kayla and Eric said...

Lilly looks so happy to see Santa.
Eric and I went on Friday too! The only down fall for us was that we parked to shuttle it was cold and took like an hour to get there. :)