Thursday, July 24, 2008


Sorry it's been so long! I am finally back! Since it has been so long, this is going to be a rather long post! As most of you know, we bought a house in Bountiful, so here are the pictures of the house. There are a lot, so bare with me! It will be worth it to look all the way to the bottom of the post! Enjoy! Oh, sorry about the darkness of some of the pictures!

Here 's the front of the house. We live on a very nice, quiet street.Family Room
Dining RoomBalcony
Upstairs Bathroom
Office Extra room
Our bedroom

Our bathroom
Downstairs living room The ping-pong table will go here along with a game table
Trevor's "Dog House"
Trevor's gun cabinet that he refinished and is in his "dog house"
My craft room
Downstairs bathroom

Weight room, there is also a laundry/storage room, but I did not find it necessary to post a picture of that! The dogs love their new house and yard!


Amanda said...

I'm skipping right to the best news! Yea for the baby. You are the one having the baby and not the dog right?? Carter cannot stop smiling. This is great news-how are you feeling? When is the due date? I need more details.....I bet your mom is soooo excited.
Best of luck with the pregnancy. If you need any advice I am an expert (just kidding!)
--ps-love the house as well. You picked a great one. But where is the babies room?

Tiona said...

Okay, so I am so excited about your post!!! I have been trying to wait patiently for the pictures :-) Let's see, I love your house and cannot wait to come and visit. Looks like you got some new furniture; and I'm jealous of the wood floors, oh yeah, and the garage, and house, and rooms... and the picture of Roxy and Lucifer still makes me smile :-) Oh, and Trevor's dog house is hilarious as well. When we have more space, I will definitely have one of those for Trent!

Ashlie Midget said...

WOOHOO!! Congrats we are sooo happy and excited for you! Melissa you are sneaky. I can't wait to find out what you are having. Ty said that he hopes it's a boy!

Brian and Shanna Bentley said...

Hey! I love the house! It's pretty sad that I live like a half hour away and I haven't seen it yet! It really looks awesome, I'm so excited for you!

Brandon and Jaclyn Tapia said...

I love the house it is so cute! Yea!!!! Congrats we are so happy for you two; you guys are going to be wonderful parents.

Deb said...

CONGRATS!!! What a fun way to announce the pending arrival?! When's the date!

stames_wiltz said...

HOLY $hi.... Congrats on the House, I can't wait to see it. As for the beebee... cool...