Monday, July 27, 2009

Back - to - School

I am so happy that I can talk about Back-to-School without actually having to go back to school! I LOVE the website, Being Frugal is Fabulous. She always posts such great deals! She has been posting some Back-to-School deals at various stores. I went to Staples (that was easy) today and made some GREAT purchases. Check out the deals!

Also, I saw this great idea!

I have been wanting to get a new chair that has wheels for my craft room. When I saw that idea, I thought that would be a great thing to make. Isn't it cute?! Well I have about A MILLION things on my craft to do list. So when I saw this chair at Staples for $9.99 regularly $39.99, I had to buy it!! It's not the GREATEST chair, but for 10 bucks, who can complain!!

I can't figure out how to copy the picture from the website, so here is the link to the ad.

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Lisa F said...

I'm so jealous that you have stores! Maybe some day I'll move somewhere within driving distance of all the good deals! That would be so fun to do for a craft room!