Tuesday, July 28, 2009

23rd of JULY!!

On the 23rd of July, Bountiful has a parade and fireworks. We went to the parade with Trevor's family. The parade was very HOT! Trevor's grandparents had a bbq before the parade. The food was yummy and the company was great! Lilly and I watched the fireworks that night. Lilly LOVES fireworks! We had a lot of fun! Lilly and I went to the Days of '47 parade on the 24th, but my camera died, so I will post pictures from my sisters camera later!

The 3 of us
Lilly was on Trevor's shoulders and kept licking his head! EEEEWWWW!
Connor tickling Lilly's foot!
Connor enjoying the parade in his little chair! He sat in this chair almost the whole time! I think he had fun!
This was one of the floats! It was my favorite! (Not to mention there were only about 3 floats!!)
Had to post this tractor for Trevor! This was one of MANY!
This was interesting! This hearse is for hire!! Anyone care for a ride?!
Connor enjoying the parade with Uncle Landon!
Breanna sitting in this little tiny chair! She pretty much got stuck!
Lilly was hot so her grandma and grandpa took her shirt off!
I thought this huge flag was awesome!
Grandpa and Grandma enjoying the parade with Lilly and Connor!
Lilly laying on the grass
She kept lifting her one leg up and wouldn't put it down!
Lilly meeting her new cousin Reese


AshlieM said...

Cute! Looks like you had fun. The Bountiful parade is interesting huh?!

Brian and Shanna said...

That picture of Grandpa is funny. It doesn't look like Lilly is enjoying it very much! And I love the face she is making in the pic where Trevor is holding her with her shirt off! She's so darn cute, oh and Reese just loved Lilly!