Sunday, July 19, 2009


Last Saturday we took Lilly swimming. She had fun! We bought her a cute little floatie and they didn't allow them! Our friends, Benj and Ashlie just moved to Daybreak and we went to visit and try out the fabulous features! We went swimming, had a BBQ, the boys played basketball, and the girls played with the kids! It was a lot of fun!

Lilly in her swim cover-up

Lilly in her swimsuit

The swimming family

First dip

Ty and Lilly

I ran into one of my students from this year, Talitha! She wanted a pic with Lilly
The Boys playing B-ballThanks Benj and Ash, we had a blast!!


AshlieM said...

Lilly is so adorable in her swimming suit! We had a lot of fun too! We definitely need to do it again soon. Hope you have a great first day at home with Lilly! You'll love it! Oh by the way I went to Roberts and everything is on sale like 40% off. You should check it out. The frames were on sale too.

Amanda said...

Are you telling me that Carter will have competition with Lilly? Who is this cute Ty kid? j/k, Looks like Lilly liked the water!

Sarah said...

Looks like a lot of fun. You look fabulous, too!