Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th Parade

Every year Kaysville has a parade where they throw out candy and prizes. It is pretty boring unless you are a kid who loves candy! During the last part of the parade, they have a water fight! Trevor's buddies have gone to this for years as they all grew up there. Last year we went and Trevor was hooked!! They all bring their big supersoakers and get everyone wet! They love it! We took Lilly and she had a great time!! (Even thought she didn't know what was going on!!)

Lilly enjoying the parade with Daddy!

Chillin' in her cool shades!

Kaydee and TeAnna

TeAnna chillin' in my shades!

The besties chillin' together in their Mardi Gras beads! (Don't worry, they did not have to flash anyone to get them!)

Little tired

Soaking wet after the water fight!

We had a lot of fun and this is our new yearly tradition! It will be more exciting when Lilly will know what is going on and chase after the candy!!


The Steele family said...

That was so fun I. Cute pictures

AshlieM said...

I love her outfit especially the shades!! Looks like you guys had fun.

Jamie said...

Hey, we were there too! Kelly's family goes every year. It's a way fun parade! :)