Monday, January 24, 2011

New Year's Day

New Year's Day we went bowling with Trevor's family. Lilly absolutely LOVES bowling! Her and Connor had a great time bowling together.
Here's Grandpa Foust with his granddaughters:

Connor was busy running around, but made a quick stop to pose for a picture!

After bowling we picked up some pizzas and headed to our house to eat and hang out. Lilly drove us home! Or maybe she was playing while we were waiting for the pizzas!!!

After the festivities with the Fousts we headed to my parents house for some Dutch Olie bolie and Etta Soup (split pea soup). My dad made the soup and Olie bolie. Olie bolie translates to "ball of oil". They are sort of like scones with raisins in them that you dip in powdered sugar. They are a New Year tradition and are so yummy! My dad worked hard to make us food, then had to leave to work the Jazz game. So we hung out with my sister and mom and played some Canasta.

Here is Lilly doing some magic tricks:

Lilly with Grandma:

Cheesing it up with Grandma's glasses:

Playing in the mini red wagon:
We had a a great time welcoming in the new year! Hopefully 2011 will be a great year for everyone! I'm still behind on a few posts, hopefully I will be caught up soon!

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t foust said...

Ya for olie bolie! Those were good a few years ago when your dad made them! And I love the mini red wagon - Carter has one too!