Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Aunt Sherri's

Yes, this is another Christmas post. And yes, I do realize it has been almost a month since Christmas!!! The day after Christmas we went to my Aunt Sherri's house to celebrate Christmas with my cousins. We had a fabulous dinner, did a gift exchange, and just enjoyed each others company!
My cousin Devin just LOVES Lilly and she just LOVES him! We used to play with this McDonald's stand when we were little. Now here is Lilly playing with it! She is ordering her meal from Devin.

Now she is taking the orders:
I didn't really get a lot of pictures at this party. My sister got a bunch, so I will have to get them from her! (Don't worry, I won't blog about anymore Christmas!) This was the one family picture we got around Christmas time! I always forget to have someone take our picture!

Merry Christmas everyone for the last time!!!

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