Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Eve

During the day on Christmas Eve, Lilly and I went to my sister's house and made sugar cookies with my mom and sister. This was always our tradition growing up, but since I got married they have either done it without me, or we have done it on another day. I am happy I was able to help out this year and that Lilly can start participating as well!

Here's Lilly patting down the dough:

Here she is rolling her dough:
Those are all of the pictures I took during the day!

During the evening on Christmas Eve, we go to Trevor's parent's house. Here is Lilly with her new book from Grandma and Grandpa Foust:
We always open the sibling and grandkid gifts Christmas Eve. I don't normally like to "brag" about the things Trevor and I get, but I will on this one. Trevor's older brother Jason went a "little" overboard this year and bought Trevor a new router!!! We are so excited to start building more with our fancy new tool!!! (A router is for making fancy edges on wood pieces.)
Lilly and Joni playing a duet:

Jason helping Joni open her present from Abby:
Lilly opening her present from Carter. She got 3 CD's full of children's songs! She loves music and we have listened to one of the CD's and she loved dancing to the songs! Thanks Carter!
Connor is opening his present from Lilly (he is also wearing the cute Santa hat I made for Lilly!) He unwrapped it and very excitedly yelled, "What is it?" It is a shopping cart and he LOVED it! He had a hard time sharing, but finally took turns with Lilly and even Joni!

Here is Landon and Grandma Foust:

Grandma Foust with her cute flowers in her hair! Isn't she the cutest?!
Thank you to Trevor's parents and family for the yummy dinner! We sure had fun!


Kayla and Eric said...

I love the posting! I still really love that Santa hat! And haven't you guys need a new router for a while? That is awesome

t foust said...

Good times!! I'm glad Lilly likes the CDs! I love the sugar cookie tradition!

Shanna said...

Wow, lot's of fun Christmas parties! There were a ton of people that did the ugly sweater party here. I need to initiate that next year! It was so fun to see you guys and to hang out on Christmas Eve! Thank you for our gifts. We loved them!!