Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sunny California

On June 19th Carter Dean Foust was welcomed into this world! Almost exactly three months after Lilly. Carter's mom and dad are Trevor's brother, Trent and his wife Tiona. This fine family lives in San Pedro, CA! (Too far away for my liking!) We decided that we wanted to go meet the Lil' guy on the weekend of his blessing. He was blessed this past weekend. We decided to fly since we would be taking a 4 month old baby, and who likes to drive anyway?! We had a wonderful time! Trent and Tiona were fabulous hosts! Carter is as precious as they come! Lilly had a great time meeting her new cousin, flying on an airplane for the first time, and going to the beach for the first time! She did great on the plane! People were surprised when they saw we had a baby because they couldn't even hear her!!!

Trevor's parents also went, his little brother Landon, and his sister Shanna and her husband Brian. Tiona's parents came out from Washington, as well.

Trent and Tiona had a free weekend stay at the Hilton in Long Beach and they gave it to us!! It was a REALLY nice hotel! We spent two nights there and one night at the Vagabond Inn in San Pedro!

We did a lot of swimming, went to the beach, had a bbq, attended Carter's blessing, and went to the Pier. It was a great time had by all! Lilly was very intrigued by Carter. She kept staring at him and when we put them next to each other, she would try to grab him! These two will see each other again at Christmas. It will be fun to see them interact then!

Enough talking, enjoy the pictures! (It was hard to narrow them down as there were over 300 pics!!!!!) I put the pictures together in a collage. If you want to see them better, click on the photo. (Shanna and Tiona will also have posts on their blogs within the next few days so you can see more pictures there!)


Brian and Shanna said...

It was so much fun hanging out with you guys and seeing the little ones together! They are going to be great friends!!

Amanda said...

Lilly is so cute in her little swimsuit. I'm glad to hear that Lilly is fond of boys named Carter!

Natty said...

love the pics! I love lilly's little chubby cheeks!

t foust said...

Well aren't you just fancy with your collages! Very cute! We miss you guys!!

Kayla and Eric said...

It looks like Lilly had a good ol' time relaxing in the pool...glad your trip went well!!!