Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bee's Game

On Saturday, we went to the Bee's Game. It was Lilly's first baseball game! She did really well even though it was REALLY HOT! After the game there were fireworks! Lilly LOVES fireworks. She sat and stared at them the entire time!

Here's Lilly ready to catch foul balls:

Enjoying the game:

Enjoying the game with daddy. (The girl behind us thought I was taking a picture of her!!)

She decided to take a little nap before the fireworks:

Getting ready for the fireworks:


Amanda said...

I love the pink baseball glove! You bought that for her, just for me right?

AshlieM said...

She's too cute! I love her outfits and all of her accessories.

t foust said...

I'm glad to see Lilly likes baseball!!

Jaclyn Tapia said...

I love her so much she is such a cutie :) Looks like your loving being a mommy but I miss you at work. I am glad you guys are having a blast tho :)

Franco Fab Five said...

What a darling family you have. I love looking at your blog.