Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ward Christmas Party and Game Night

The day after our Ugly Sweater party, we had our ward Christmas Party. We had a yummy dinner and good company! Here is Lilly with her little friend Jaedan. They were walking around holding hands! It was too cute! The only pictures I took that night were of these two holding hands!!! Jaedan kept turning back and looking at his mom, and eventually ran straight into a wall! Oops! Usually they have Santa come, but he didn't make the visit this year! :(

We got together last weekend with some of the girls and their families that I used to work with. We had fun eating and playing the Wii fit!

Here is Trevor Hula Hooping
Lilly and Jack watching Finding Nemo
Lilly playing the Wii with Aunt Jaclyn
We had so much fun! Thanks Melanie and John for having us!


t foust said...

You have had a busy December!! But it also sounds like it has been a fun one too! Lilly is so cute!!

Jaclyn and Brandon Tapia said...

who looks like a fat! yuck! and whats going on with my face! o'well we had fun :)