Friday, December 17, 2010

Morelli/Ventura 41st Family Reunion

Every year my mom's side of the family has a family reunion around November/December. We always go to a hotel, have dinner, kids entertainment, raffles, silent auction, and dancing until midnight. After the party we have a hospitality suite where we talk and eat again (we're Italians) until 3-4 in the morning. This year I was on the committee to help plan the party. We start months in advance, and meet about 4-6 different times before the big day! We always have so much fun. This year I was especially excited because I knew Lilly was old enough to actually have some fun! And boy did she have fun! She was going constantly until 12:30, and went to bed kicking and screaming! She didn't want the fun to end!

This is my sister's best friend, Hillary. She is FABULOUS at doing hair and makeup. I put Lilly's hair in sponge curlers, and I needed a little assistance in making her hair look cute. Lucky for me, Hillary came to my rescue!

This is Lilly and Jacob. These two have so much fun together. We have play dates every few weeks. Look at their fingers interlocked!

Family shot

Auntie and Lilly

Lilly absolutely loves my cousin Daniel, and I think the feeling is mutual. He is always so good to play with her and entertain her.

This year Santa was a little busy at the North Pole, so we called in back up. This is Hillary's husband, Chris. We call him the Great Huddini (their last name is Huddleston). Lilly was VERY enthralled with the show!

Here is another one of Lilly's loves, Cameron! She kept running to him and wanting him to hold her! He was a good sport and kept playing and dancing with her. He even asked when he could babysit!!!

Lilly and Daddy dancing

This is my cousin Kelcee. All growing up or moms thought we looked alike, so at every party we had to take a picture together! Now that we both have adorable little girls, we thought we would keep the tradition going with them!

My cousin, Emmie, Andrea, and myself. It was really hard to get a picture because Andrea wouldn't stop singing and dancing!!!

My beautiful mom and dad

Our family minus my sister. She wouldn't stop dancing to join us! (It's kind of a touchy subject, don't bring it up!!! Good thing she doesn't look at my blog!)

Enjoying Aunt Marielle's sweet ride!

Before the party and the next day Lilly got to enjoy some swim time with Daddy.

She dried herself off and is wading the towel up to...

Put it back on the shelf with the clean ones!!!
We truly had such a fun time at the party. My sister was sharing a room with us, and she won a free hotel stay, so our room was comped!!! She also won a griddle, and my parents won a $50 Olive Garden gift card and an IPod shuffle!!! I wasn't so lucky! :( My mom is so sweet and she bought Lilly's gorgeous dress, which is a whole other story! What a great way to get the Christmas season started!!!


t foust said...

WOW!! I want to come to your family reunion - sounds like the giveaways are pretty spectacular! I am also in love with Lilly in her bathing suit - what a good little swimmer! I'm glad to see she was in the water and not just on the steps, ha! Looks like you had a GREAT time!

Amanda said...

makes me wish I were Italian sometimes!

AshlieM said...

I LOVE her dress! Looks like you guys had fun! It's such a good idea to stay in a hotel, I tried to talk my family into this instead of squeezing into my grandma's tiny family room with tons of people!

Kayla and Eric said...

such a great looking family :)

Shanna said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! I love Lilly's cute purple dress!! Perfect match to Mommy!