Thursday, December 2, 2010

Decking the Halls

Normally my family has our big family reunion the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This makes it a little tricky to decorate for Christmas that weekend. I have been REALLY excited to decorate this year and almost decorated BEFORE Thanksgiving (I know, I know...) I was so happy that we decided to have our party the first weekend in December. I took full advantage and decorated and wrapped presents on Saturday and Sunday.

When I was younger I had this little tree in my room. I have always hung on to it even though I haven't used it for a few years. I'm glad I kept it. We put it up in Lilly's room. She absolutely LOVES it! Daddy showed her once how to put the ornaments on, and she was a pro! We have a cord that has a button you push to turn the lights on and off. She knows how to use it and loves that she can turn her lights on and off anytime she wants! I loved watching her decorate! It was so much fun!!!

(Yes she is sporting a "Side Pony" to go along with that 80's tree skirt!!!)

All business!


AshlieM said...

So cute! I love the little tree, we were thinking about getting one for Ty's room this year. Lilly's hair is getting so long!

t foust said...

Very cute! I had a tree in my room growing up...I'm thinking next year I'll start that with Carter. So far he has taken off ALL the ornaments on our regular tree so I don't think I could handle another this year!!

Kayla and Eric said...

that is so cute! I love the one with her decorating her tree! love love love

Shanna said...

Oh. . .how fun! I LOVE the idea of putting little trees in your kids rooms! I think I might have to do that! How was your reunion?