Saturday, March 5, 2011

St. George

This will be shocking to all! We went to St. George last weekend and I am already blogging about it!!!!!!

We went to St. George with our friends Amanda, Neil, and Carter. You may remember them from the post about the Treehouse Museum. We were all looking forward to getting away from the cold to enjoy a little warmth! Boy were we wrong! It was SO COLD! Despite the cold, we had! We were all able to ride together in one car. The drive down was a little hard for the kids to handle. We left here around 5, so they were tired and cranky for part of the drive until they finally fell asleep! We arrived to our condo late Thursday night. We got situated and went to bed. Friday we went to the park at the condo. The kids had a blast. The Parade of Homes was going on during this week, so we bought tickets and went to that. The kids actually enjoyed it, especially Carter. He kept saying things like, "I love this carpet", "I love this bathroom". It was too funny! We then ate dinner at a Mexican Restaurant called Pancho and Lefty's. They claim to have the best fajitas in Utah! They were pretty darn good! The boys also did some golfing while the kids napped and the girls did some shopping while the boys put the kids to bed!

We also went to Snow Canyon and did a mini "hike" then played in the sand dunes. I didn't take my camera with me on the hike, but Amanda did so I will have to get pics from her! Here are a few from the dunes.
Lilly wanted to hide on this shelf while getting ready for bed to scare daddy!

Saturday we decided to check out the Washington City Rec center. They had a wonderful pool for the kids with slides and squirt guns and other fun things! We were there for a few hours without the kids getting cranky because they enjoyed themselves so much! After that we went to a few homes then out to dinner at the Pizza Factory! YUMMY! The owner there was so awesome! Carter has a milk and egg allergy and the owner catered to his needs far above and beyond our expectations.
Checking out Neil's phone:

Lilly and Carter. He is almost double her height! I can't believe I actually caught a pic of both of them smiling at the same time!

Leaning in for a kiss...
Sunday we went to a yummy local cafe called the Bear Paw. SO delicious! We went back home, packed up, and headed home. We had a great time, the only problem is, it went by too fast!

We made a quick stop to the park on the way home:


Amanda said...

Dang-you beat me to posting about St. George. I will email you the pics I took and you can use what you like. thanks again for going. It's always nice to get away!

Natty said...

FUN!!! I've been to that rec center, I love their pool.

Kayla and Eric said...

Great job posting so fast! It looks way cold but I am so glad you still had a wonderful time. Lilly and Carter are so cute together. It is always great to get away for a while.

t foust said...

Looks like a fun trip!! Always good to get some park time in. Lilly is so cute!!