Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Party Queen

Lilly got invited to her first friend party. It was for a friend in our ward named Abby. She had a princess tea party and it was just fabulous!
Here is Lilly ready to go!
Checking out what's in her purse

Playing a game at the party. There were 9 princesses and one handsome little prince in a tux! Too cute!

Decorating her cup

Eating Lots and Lots of yummy food!

Once again, eating with her friend Chaya.

Being a little diva!

Here is the birthday girl blowing out her candles, but I like how Lilly is next to her helping her blow them out!!!
It was such a fun party! Lilly didn't fully understand what was going on with the games, but she had fun anyway!

We were also invited to Ty's birthday party at the Living Planet Aquarium. The last time I had taken Lilly to the Aquarium was almost a year ago and she didn't fully understand what was going on! She had a much better time this year!
Checking out the tank in the Sunken Ship
Saying hi to cute little Chloe

Watching Ty open all his awesome gifts!
Trying to touch a sea creature!
Sliding down the frog! Weeeeeeee!We, of course, had a great time at this party, too! After the Aquarium we went to dinner with Ryan and Kristyn at Santa Monica Pizza! Oh so yummy! Thanks to the Steele's for sharing their giftcard with us!


AshlieM said...

How fun! thanks for coming to Ty's Bday! We had a lot of fun. The princess party is so cute. Lilly is such a little cutie with her pig tails.

Kayla and Eric said...

So fun! Lilly is a party animal! Also I didn't get and invite yet to your blog. Thanks