Monday, October 18, 2010

Hauntingly Wonderful Halloween Party

Every year Trevor's Aunt Gaylynn has a FABULOUS Halloween party. She definitely did not disappoint this year! She had a schedule of games from 4-6, Dinner, more games, ghost stories, and an outdoor movie! All the games include prizes for EVERYBODY! The winners get a bigger prize and the losers get a consolation prize! We always have so much fun at these parties, thanks Gaylynn and family!

This is Mitchell and Carson. They were the 2 winners of Monster 4 Corners

We played a game like Monster Bowling. There were a lot of different rules, so I will just leave it at that! Here is Lilly with Uncle Brian

Here she is watching from the fence

Here is Joni and cousin Melissa (ya, it gets a little confusing with 2 of us around!)

Trevor's dad loves to take "candid" shots of people. He kept trying to get me this day, so we were having a "shoot off"

Grandpa was teasing Lilly (surprise, surprise!!!)

Lilly and Uncle Darin

Paul dressed as a ghost (I think!)

Lilly going for a ride in a dump truck

This is what Lilly and Connor did almost the ENTIRE night:

I didn't get pictures of all the games. But we did a series of Minute to Win it games and the collages are from those games.It was SO MUCH FUN! We can't wait until next year!


t foust said...

Wow, looks like so much fun!! Wish we could have been there - but I'm so glad you posted pics! One of these days we will experience one of Gaylynn's parties :-)

Kayla and Eric said...

That really does look like a lot of fun. That is so cool she does it every year. I love annual Halloween parties.

Faires Bears and Toads said...

Love the hat! You are always having so much fun.