Sunday, October 17, 2010

Go Aggies!

Since Trevor and I both graduated from USU, we thought it would be fun to start going to a few football games a year. We HAD to go to the USU/BYU game!!! We were excited to go and take Lilly with us. We got there a little early so we could get Lilly some USU attire! We found her a cute outfit, bow, and tattoo! The weather was perfect. We ALL loved the game. Lilly really got into it. She was clapping, cheering, and yelling! She kept playing with all of the other fans around us, she was the hit (next to USU slaughtering BYU!!!) USU games are always so much fun. The fans really get into the games. We have never been to a USU football game where they have won! So it was even better that they won, and to top it all off, they beat BYU!!!!!!!! We truly had a great time and will definitely do this every year. We will also be going to their Homecoming game next week. We can't wait!

Such a big girl, enjoying the game!

She thinks she's hot stuff!

Beautiful Aggie fan!

Cheering for the Ags!

The fans storming the field!


Kayla and Eric said...

I got chills when I saw the picture with the fans storming the field. What a great moment for our Aggies! Lilly is such a CUTE Aggies fan. I love it.

Amanda said...

What a cute little Aggie. still hoping to see you guys this weekend!

t foust said...

If we lived closer, we'd go to the game with you (but we'd be wearing BYU shirts, ha ha). Lilly is a very cute Aggies fan! I'm glad she enjoyed the game!