Sunday, September 26, 2010


Way back in August, we went camping with Trevor's family. I was not looking forward to going camping with a 1-year-old, BUT I'm glad we did because we had so much fun!

Lilly was resting up on the way there:

Joni was in her pack-n-play, and both Lilly and Connor wanted in. They soon realized it wasn't all that fun!!!

Hollywood Connor:

Uncle Trevor and Joni:

Being a ham for the camera:

We were going to float down the river, but the tubes we had were to little and the river was too low!

Connor and Lilly, oh so cute!

Helping Grandpa cook the hot dogs!

The fire:

Grandma and the girls:

Lilly getting ready to play baseball:

Our cute little camping family (no make-up or showers!)


t foust said...

Oh my goodness, I just love Lilly in her little camping chair!! How cute! And I also love the picture of Connor and Lilly walking together. Too cute!

The Steele family said...

love Lillys little smile so much fun

Amanda said...

I wish I was as cute in swimsuit as Lilly! I love camping...even with a toddler. It's a big hassle sometimes but worth all the memories.

Kayla and Eric said...

looks like you have a little camper on your hands. I hope Ezri will enjoy camping with daddy!

Faires Bears and Toads said...

What a great time! Love the Belle t-shirt in the last picture.