Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Days 6 and 7

Day 6: Visit with Tiona and Carter

My brother-in-law, Trent, and his wife, Tiona, live in San Pedro, CA. We were lucky enough that Tiona and Carter were able to come visit us in Laguna!!!

Their first visit since Christmas!

The only picture of the 2 of them looking at the same time! Silly kids!
Lilly loves her Aunt Tiona

One of their favorite things to do! They followed each other every where! They had so much fun together!!!

We went to lunch at a yummy hamburger place called Johnny Rockets

Bath time after a fun day! Thanks for visiting Tiona and Carter! Sorry we missed you, Trent!

Day 7: Lunch with Henry and Riding the Merry-Go-Round

Henry works with my aunt and he is the nicest, sweetest guy! He gave Lilly a Madame Alexander doll (those are the dolls all the girls in my family collect!) He gave me some soap. The flavor of the soap is Ginger and White Lilly! He got it because it has Lilly in the name!

Lilly just loved Henry!

She also loved the Merry-Go-Round!

Her new way of chillin' in the stroller!

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Amanda said...

Lilly is adorable-but you already know that. I love her hair-faux hawk or not!