Wednesday, June 16, 2010

California 2010

I have a FABULOUS Aunt Debbie who called me up in May and asked if Lilly and I wanted to come out to Laguna Beach for a visit! I very excitedly said "YES" and we set a date right away!!! Lilly and I headed out on June 3rd (which was my Aunt's birthday) and came back on June 11th. We had a WONDERFUL time! We did miss the daddy, but we were sad to leave California! Normally I would refer to it as sunny California, but we were there to witness the "June Gloom"! Aunt Debs picked us up from the airport and we met her best friend, Marianne, for lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. After lunch, we went back to the "Thornton Villa" (that's what we call their house). My aunt always has a cute gift back on our beds with an itinerary for the vacation. That night we went to Javier's for dinner. It is a really yummy Mexican restaurant that we always go to and get shrimp enchiladas! They are delicious! I will now start posting pictures to go along with what we did in California!!!

Here are pictures from day 1:
Just arriving at the airport!

Aunt Debbie with Lilly

Lilly looking cute in her carseat

The 3 girls

Lilly with Uncle Mike (this was the only day we got to see him :( )***The California trip has several posts. To see them all, you have to hit "Older Posts" at the bottom of the page. It won't change it so that all of my posts will show up on the front page. Days 8 and 9 is the last post. There are A LOT of pictures! I have hundreds more! It was hard to narrow them down!!!


t foust said...

Oh my goodness!! I am so glad you posted pictures from your fabulous vacation. I am in LOVE with your new camera - the pictures are amazing. My favorite is of Lilly at the beach. She is soooo cute - I want to just squeeze her legs!! Thanks for letting us be a part of your vacation too!!

AshlieM said...

So fun!! Your pictures do look really good! I want to go to the beach, how fun!