Sunday, June 7, 2009


SO I did not get a new computer from my work!!! I guess they figured I did not need one for only 5 weeks!! My current computer is still not reading my camera. I'm getting mad about it! So, again, no pictures! 

So we went to our cabin this weekend. It was good to just get away and relax. We didn't do a whole lot. We hung out, napped, ate yummy food, sat around the camp fire, ate fresh fish that my bro and nephews caught, karaoked, did a puzzle, played games, and went on a walk. Ok, maybe we did more than I thought!! It was fun. Lilly enjoyed her first trip to the cabin. The dogs, of course, had a good time as well! Thanks to my family for a wonderful time!

Just FYI, my school has been nominated as the "Cool School" this week on Fox 13 News with Big Buddah! We will be on the show on Wednesday from 6-9 AM!! It should be interesting, watch and see if you can find me!

Hopefully I will figure out a solution to my picture problem this week. 

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Brian and Shanna said...

I'm glad you had fun at your cabin! It is SO nice to get away once in a while! And I'm sad I missed the cool school segment, I normally love watching that, but I slept in. Were you on at all?