Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cute Shoe Giveaway!!

There are the cutest shoes that are being given away at this site!! I hope I win!!! Go there and you can enter too!


Lisa F said...

Even if you don't win - she sells them too! She does the BEST job! I have a couple pairs sitting here for Tiona - need to mail them off (Tiona - if you see this - act surprised)

Jen said...

Cool site - don't need the shoes personally (yay for me), but I entered the drawing and would have to find a 0-6 month baby girl to give the shoes to if I win. Hmmm...where oh where could I find one of those? Cute pictures by the way. I got to hang with Lilly about a week ago at Candie's. So cute!!!!

twede said...

If you don't win the shoes, I'll make you some, but Mary Jane style. So cute! Even if you do win, I make some for you anyway. I'll bring them for you when I come up next month. Cute pictures of Lilly by the way.