Wednesday, January 14, 2009


For lack of anything else to talk about, I am going to tell you about the new product we purchased. It's called MagicJack. It's a phone service that costs $40 a year or 5 years for $60! It works through your internet. It includes free long distance, caller id, call waiting, voice mail, and probably other stuff I can't think of right now! We have only had cell phones for the last few years, and since we have about 2 minutes to use a month, I figured we needed something more. It's been great so far! I would definitely recommend it! If you have any questions, let me know. If you are interested in it, just go to My uncle in California introduced me to it. He and all of his buddies use it and have for months and really like it as well. Let me know if anyone else has tried it or does try it.


Monica said...

My father in law loved it. The only problem he had was if the power was out so was his phone.. I am glad you like it.

The Steele family said...

My dad does and he loves it. we ant to get it to I hear it is great. How are things going how is the baby doing you are getting so close.

t foust said...

I'm definitely going to check this out! Thanks for sharing :-)