Sunday, May 4, 2008

Funny Video!

To all of the teachers, this video is so funny, especially since it is testing time!
It's all about what is on the test and "teaching to the test", thanks to good 'ol NCLB!!


Amanda said...

Hey-where did you find this video? What is the website?
It's quite funny......and true.

Foust Family said...

It's at I saw in 2 of my classes last week! It is so true. I thought my fellow teachers would enjoy it! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!!

Justin and Amy said...

Holy cow that was hilarious! I really like the part that says thinking is good and one day you'll learn how... I love the video. That cracked me up. What a great way to start my Thursday and my LAST day of testing. Very appropriate for my morning:)

Deb said...

Testing - ewww! Aren't you glad our first graders don't have to take the end of level tests this year?

Hope you're being super appreciated by all of your kids and parents this week!