Thursday, August 12, 2010

July 24th Weekend

On July 23rd, Bountiful has a day and night of festivities. Trevor's grandparents live a few houses away from the street where the parade is, so we always go down for dinner and head to the parade.

Lilly and Daddy heading to the parade. Lilly is very patriotic!

Watching the parade with Uncle Landon

Uncle Landon caught this ball for Lilly. She LOVED it!
After the parade we watched the fireworks from our neighbors house. They were so fun to watch! Lilly loves watching fireworks!

On Saturday the 24th, we went to the Days of '47 Parade. My Great-Aunt Della who turned 100 in October has gone to the parade for over 70 years. My mom made her the cute sign by her chair. They wrote up a little article in the Deseret Newspaper and put this picture in it:

Here is Lilly with my Aunt Debbie who came in from California to visit:

Here is my Aunt Patti on the left and Aunt Della on the right:

Lilly watching the parade with Auntie Andrea doing her "Poker face". That is the new face that she pulls.

Watching with Aunt Della. There are 100 years between these two wonderful ladies!
After the parade we had lunch at Sizzler. On the way home, Lilly was so exhausted! This is how she fell asleep!!!
On Sunday we had a BBQ at my parents' house.

The kids played in this little pool my mom bought. I completely forgot to bring Lilly's swimsuit, so she swam in her diaper!

The slide was her favorite part!

Chillin with Aunt Debs

My cousin Tommy and his wife, Paige's, new baby Easton

Playing volleyball.

Colten in the dog igloo

Playing Beanbag toss:

Monday night we bought some fireworks. Lilly loved playing with the "Snaps"
Here she is shooting hoops with Dad
We had another fun and busy weekend! I love holiday weekends when we get to do several different activities and stay busy!

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t foust said...

Oh my goodness - I love the pictures!! Can't wait to see Lilly Bug :-)