Friday, October 16, 2009


There are a few things I have been wanting to blog about, and haven't, so I will be playing catch up for the next few posts.

We fed Lilly carrots a few weeks ago. At first she seemed ok.

Trying to decide if she likes it or not.

Still thinking about it.

Then shutters in disgust!
I wasn't able to capture a picture, but she started gagging and dry heaving! She was acting like we were trying to poison her! We tried feeding her carrots a few other times, and she does the same thing! She will now just stick her tongue all the way out so the food doesn't go in her mouth! Funny little girl! We have also fed her yellow squash and she did MUCH better with that! Next is Sweet Potatoes!


The Steele family said...

poor thing that is so funny they have such a hard time eating it at first

t foust said...

That Lilly is one funny character!!

Shanna said...

That's funny that she doesn't like carrots, but she does squash! She's so cute!

Amanda said...

Don't give up on carrots! Carter did the same thing with bananas and gagged like he had a hair ball....but now he loves them. I just laid off them for awhile and he grew out of it! Cute picture

Natty said...

Well have you smelled/taste those things I would dry heave too! I don't know why but Brighton wouldn't eat any veggies out of the bottle I had to make her fresh stuff and mush it up... Good luck! :)