Saturday, September 12, 2009

Random Pics

Here are some aDoRaBlE pictures for you to enjoy! Hopefully on Monday I will have pictures from our trip to the ZOO!!!

Connor and Lilly with Grandma Foust

Kissin' Cousins!!

Ha, Ha! I stole a kiss...

Playing together. Lilly loves to watch other kids and dogs!!!

One more kiss!

Here is Lilly and Ty! He makes her laugh and laugh! They both love each other!


t foust said...

Wow - Lilly is sitting up now?! The picture of Connor and Lilly kissing is adorable! And all those posts you did on the craft blog are making my head spin - you are so creative and wow, how do you have time to do all that?!?!

Foust Family said...


You know that time we talked about when the babies go to bed and you catch your second wind? That's when I do crafts! And sometimes during nap times!!

AshlieM said...

Um.. I accidentally posted my comment twice and then proceeded to erase both of them by accident!! Duh!! Anyway, cute pictures! Thanks so much for coming to visit me, we both loved it and had fun! Next time we will come over to your house!

t foust said...

Oh yes, I know exactly what you are talking about!! :-)