Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Like Mother, Like Daughter!

If you happen to be one of my former college roommates, you will appreciate these pictures!! After I take a shower, I love to put my bathrobe on and just chill in it for a while! My roommates in college quickly became used to this!! The other day I was in my robe and Trevor told me to put Lilly's on so we could take pictures of us matching!! Isn't she cute?!

One of our neighbors brought over a present the other day. Tied on top was this little plastic phone. I had Lilly hold it. She was a natural! She put it right up to her ear, but I couldn't get the picture fast enough!! Oh well, these are still cute!!

P.S. As for the blessing pictures, my sister has them on her camera. As soon as I get them from her, I will post them! Until then, these will have to do!!


twede said...

You guys are so cute! I can't believe how fast they grow. You both look great! Love the new look to your blog.

Amanda said...

Who doesn't love to wear a robe?!?! I'm actually wearing my robe as I write this. She is getting so big! I love her cheeks. What a cutie!

Ben and Carrie said...

You and Amanda and your robes! Now all you need to do with her (after the robes are on) is go out to the living room and watch Game Show Network and help her put on her makeup, and it will be just like the days in Lynwood.

Make sure she uses that phone to call and ask if she can be in the choir!

Foust Family said...

Oh man, I miss you guys!! Amanda, just imagine the cheeks on Carter and Lilly's kids!!! Oh so kissable!!!

t foust said...

Melissa - the matching robes picture is so cute! Hope your first week back at work went okay - I'm glad you have a countdown already!