Sunday, March 15, 2009


So I had a doctor's appointment scheduled for Friday the 13th at 4:10 p.m. I was excited to meet with the doctor, find out where I was, at least schedule an induction date, etc. So I walk into the office and the office manager was looking at me kind of funny. Here is the conversation:

Me: "Oh sorry I'm a little late."

O.M.: "Oh, did you have an appointment because we're not seeing patients today."

Me: "Yes at 4:10"

O.M.: "Well he's not in, when is your due date?"

Me: "Tomorrow"

O.M.: "Oh, so you need to see him! Let me see what I can do." (She left to talk to another doctor)

While she was gone I went digging through my purse to find the reminder card. Sure enough it said 3/13/09 4:10 p.m. The stupid receptionist scheduled me on a day the doctor wasn't even in AT ALL!!! She came back and I showed her the card to prove that I'm not crazy. She apologized up and down for the misunderstanding. She said none of the other doctors could see me because they are family practitioners and could not do the exam. She told me the doctor would be back in the office on Tuesday and scheduled me an appointment.

Needless to say, I was very frustrated. I didn't even know my doctor would be out of town. I would have been EXTREMELY upset if I went into labor and went to the hospital only to find out my doctor would not be there!!!! Oh well!

So we have been trying natural labor inducing techniques this weekend. We went on a nice big walk today and I think the only thing it did was give me sore legs!!!

I will update everyone on Tuesday after my doctor's appointment. The doctor said he would induce me after a week, but I am not sure exactly what day that will be! Wish me luck...


Amanda said...

OH-how frustrating!! The least your doctor can do now is deliver Lilly for free.
Good luck-these next few days will be the longest of your life...! Are you still teaching until D-day?

Riley and Ashley Smith said...

OH Melissa, Hope you have that sweet little girl soon. I guess she is just letting you know who is going to be Boss from the get go!!

Brian and Shanna said...

Wow, I'm sorry. I can't believe your doctor was out of town on your due date and they didn't even tell you. I would've been frustrated too. Well we are thinking about you and can't wait till we get that phone call!! If you need anything in the mean time please let me know!

t foust said...

Oh, Melissa, why is your doctor such a doof?! (I made that word up). I hope all goes well with your appointment tomorrow, and hopefully Lilly will come soon :-) Yay! Yay!

Lindsay said...

Don't they realize that this is your life right now? Sorry that they were so dumb! Good luck with everything! can't wait to see her in July!

Ben and Carrie said...

Wow- that's one bright receptionist! I can't believe that happened and that there was still nothing they could do for a pregnant woman who was DUE to deliver a baby at any minute. If your water breaks, make sure it is on the floor of their office..... Don't they know that pregnant woman who are closer to or over their due date do NOT need any surprises or reasons to be upset? Best of luck in the next few days.