Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My life in a nutshell!

Sorry it has, once again, been so long! I feel that I have nothing to blog about! I just thought I would do a general update! I started teaching first grade again about 3 weeks ago. It has been a roller coaster! I started a blog for the parents to read, which is why when I sometimes make comments it says Mrs. Foust! That's just me in teacher mode! I'm too lazy to log out and sign back in!!

I go to the dr. on Friday, so I will post again shortly! I have been feeling a little sick here and there, but nothing too bad, yet. My pants are starting to get a little tighter! I still have too pee more than I would like! And I feel like I am eating ALL of the time! I told my students that I am pregnant, and they couldn't be happier! I wish I had their reactions on video, it was pretty cute! They all want to help me name the baby and have given several suggestions!!

Over Labor Day weekend we went up to Sherwood Hills in Sardine Canyon. We went with Trevor's extended family. It was a lot of fun! We ate food, went swimming, went bowling, ate at the Bluebird Restaurant in Logan (SOOOOO YUMMY!!), went to Aggie Ice Cream, had a yummy bbq, went swimming and did a midnight Wendy's run! Only Wendy's was closed so we went to Burger King. I have not done that since my single days in college!! No wonder where the freshman 15 came from!?!?! To my sister-in-laws, I apologize for the craziness! Now you know why I have never touched the alcohol!!! All in all, it was a fun weekend, even though it was filled with rain!! And P.S., when we went bowling, guess who won out of all 25 of us?!?! That's right, yours truly, ME!! I bowled a 145, beating Trevor's uncle by 2 points!! Everyone else was blown out of the water!!

I will update again on Friday or Saturday! Sorry this is a long post without any pictures! Enjoy the last 2 days of the work week!!


Lisa F said...

I'm so happy you updated! Glad all is going well - we miss family parties (sometimes). Can't wait to hear about your appointment!

The Steele family said...

sounds like you guys had fun. moving my sister was kind of crazy you cant do much in the dark. but they got all moved in. We need to play again soon. see ya on sunday at the blessing

califoust said...

Hey - I've been waiting patiently for you to post something!! Glad things are going well for you, and can't wait to hear about the doctor's appt. Also, we need pictures!! Have a great Friday :-)

Brian and Shanna Bentley said...

Yeah, you posted! Well I thoroughly enjoyed our midnight redezvous! You weren't too crazy, just the kind that I like!! And I can't wait to hear what the doctor says! Good luck!