Sunday, March 16, 2008

Princess Wishes

When we were younger, my mom used to always take my sister and I to Disney on Ice. We always got a snowcone in the keepsake Disney cups, and cotton candy. We have gone to the shows for the last few years as well! We always joke about my mom taking her 20 and 30 something year old daughters when most people take their 5 year olds! We love going! If you have kids and you have never gone, I highly recommend it! We had tickets to go on Friday. With the long, hard week we have had (on top of the tragedy, I had parent/teacher conferences as well), we decided it would be good to get out. We excitedly went to the show and ran into my dad, who works at the Delta Center, and he gave us an awesome surprise! He gave us front row tickets to replace our 18th row tickets!!! It was soooooo cool! We were practically getting sprayed with the ice!! We had a great time, and we, of course, got a Little Mermaid snowcone cup and cotton candy that came with a Minnie Mouse crown! I loved every minute of it, and am so grateful that my mom still takes care of her babies!!!


Deb said...

Your Mom totally rocks! How fun is that? I wish we could have taken the Goose to see this one - she would have loved it! Disney on Ice is one of my favorite memories too!

Ashlie Midget said...

I am so sorry to hear about your cousin. Benj was actually talking about getting some friends together this weekend, it would be a lot of fun. Could you guys do it on Friday? How long are you off track for? Call us. You are lucky, I always wanted to go to Disney on Ice when I was little!